About Exhibition

You, Me, Inbetween

Reception: 2013/10/26 2PM-4PM


“You, Me, Inbetween” exhibits color and black-and-white photographs from various members of the group. The photographic content varies from landscapes to snapshots. “You” represents a viewer’s face, while “me” represents a photographer, through photos of objects “in between.” A photographer (“me”) faces the photographic subject, attempting to capture “something” between them in a photo. On the other side, a viewer (“you”) faces the photographer, trying to find or understand the “something” in the photo that the photographer has captured. “You” and “me” are thus connected through the photos of the “somethings” “in between.”


Eiji Fujino
Elli Sekine
Ike Mori
Hiroshi Suzuki
Jing Yu
Kensuke Yamamoto
Kimisa H
Makoto Aoki
Manami Yamamoto
Mike Asao
Ryo Sode
Yukiko Ino

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