Photographer: Hiroshi Suzuki

Guang & Sen Lin

For Guang & Sen Lin (“light and forest” in Chinese), I collaborated with Mrs. J. Yu, a close friend and the model in the pictures. Using the traditional wet plate photography process, which creates unexpected textures on the images, I try to capture the moments in which our internal emotions and the natural world merge. When both the light and the shade meet in the forest, we expect viewers to perceive their unconscious mental states, seeing the beauty of the world around us yet understanding its—and our—fleeting presence.


Photographer: Eiji Fujino



He is my (our) friend, Isamu. He has disability but he has a job (software engineer), he goes to Starbucks at morning and he drinks beer at the end of the work. Through these photos, he is asking me (you) the question which is happy, people who has disability but does normal OR people who is normal but do nothing?

Isamu in these photos will tell you the answer.



Photographer: Ike Mori


Evening Twilight to Midnight sky / 夕暮れから夜空

The visual scene and color a time which the nature and the life of clement evening twilight has the heart relieved are created.
You could be there, watching it and/or going through a therapeutic experience.
It will change to the serene hush of night after that.


Photographer: Kimisa H


Insecure, this was the way I looked at the world when I was little. And it still remains inside of me today.
I love looking at kids through the camera. They are pure and immaculate.
Family and friends told me the stories they knew of me, however in my mind I always had my own versions of what had happened.
I want to know how I was like when I was little.
I looked for the moments, the things, the expressions which were talking to me when I was around with these children. In the end, I am photographing myself, or the person I feel comfortable being.

Kimisa’s Website:

Photographer: Jing Yu


Alone with the Tree

I love the trees. I am always touched by natural beauty of the trees and somehow, they are reminders my childhood. Moreover, they recall some memories I’ve almost forgotten.

I grew up in a small city of China. We had many trees in our yard when I was little. I used to watch the trees, play among the trees with friends and listen to the stories of the trees from my mother. However, when I went to middle school, we had to move because the road was being extended and everyone who lived in our area needed to leave. We left the house where my siblings and I were born in, that had the beautiful trees we used to play with. I was heartbroken and my lighthearted childhood had ended on that day.

The home I wanted to go back to disappeared. My childhood friends I used to play with became strangers and my trees just vanished without a trace. Things have changed and changed and changed. Everything from my childhood became so far away, hazy, then disappeared. Only the trees are still in my memories, in my dream and in my heart. Just like my mother used to say, “They are so strong, beautiful and proud; wherever you go they are always there for you.”

Jing’s Website:

Photographer: Kensuke Yamamoto


I have selected 3 images from street photos I took.
I see in these photos there’s interaction between people and they are interesting to me.
Now I hope you feel something in these photos and there will be another interaction happening between you and me.

Photographer: Makoto Aoki


San Francisco Street Snaps

Street Photography is instant action and reaction to your soundings. The moment it clicks you is the moment you shoot. Your camera is your eye and your emotional being. You don’t see or think things while you shoot, your camera does.
I walked around in San Francisco with my camera. Looking at photos I took, I see myself in them. When you see these photos, I hope you find me in them.

Makoto’s Photoblog: AONOTO